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This is a collection of poetry from poets in  Birmingham, Solihull and Warwickshire.  It is intended to be a representation of artistic culture in the area and an outlet for Birmingham poets to express and display their work.


The Poets

Maya Johnson-Hector

Leanne Bridgewater

Matthew Stephens

Giovanni Esposito

Liz Scott Rawson

Angie McSherry

John Alan Hirst

Sam Holcombe

Bob Fiddaman

Graeme Croton


Jim Sherwood

Andrew Myatt

Angela Moore

David Trippas

Robert Ursell


Nigel Corbett

Paul Hackett

Derek Staley

Terry Powell

Izzy Bobbins

Muavia Raja

Sarah Burley

Jill Chawner

Marc Carver

Paul Holmes

Sean Farrell

Elliot Smith

John Wood

Imran Ali

Birmingham Links

Birmingham Bloggers

Birmingham Forum



if you are a poet in the Birmingham, Solihull or Warwickshire and would like to display your work on this website send an email to the address below.